Apply For A Book Feature

Thank you for your interest in a week long book feature on my site!
In order to apply, please send the following to

  • Author name as you want it listed
  • Book title as you want it listed
  • Launch date
  • link
  • Your wraparound cover, or if you don’t have one, your front cover
  • A bio picture (or tell me to use Amazon’s)
  • A short bio of you as an author (or tell me to use Amazon’s)
  • A link to a sample if you have it (can be a newsletter sign-up)
  • Your socials and sites (any you want listed)
  • Your prefered timeslot (week number or Monday through Sunday dates)
  • AND! (This one is a must!) Tell me a tidbit of information about the book that the reader wouldn’t know just from reading it, or something they should look out for. An Easter egg of sorts.

If you would like the reader to have a bit more to enjoy, feel free to answer any of these questions and submit them to me as well:

  • Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
  • What do you like best about it?
  • In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?


I reserve the right to refuse or delay books based on availability of slots.
Please read the disclaimer.