Hello, everyone. Long time no see! I went through a bit of a rough patch the past few months, and then I went on vacation for two weeks, so it’s been eerily quiet. It can’t have escaped your notice that the fourth part of The Veil Chronicles, Magic Destroyed, wasn’t released on schedule. This has everything to do with that rough patch. I’m working on it. I hope to release it on the 14th and I look forward to you reading it! In the mean time, I wanted to introduce two new books that will come out this year. If I have time for another, there will be another, but for now, I’m going to set my sights on two, and why just two instead of one every month? I’ve realized that what I love to do is write long books. Survival Instincts was a perfect length for me and I want to write complex stories with complex characters. I also don’t want to give these to you in chunks like I did with The Veil Chronicles. I’ll publish the omnibus version of The Veil Chronicles in September, with a little short added to it. This will contain all the books in chronological order. You can sit down and drown in it, which is what I love to inspire in people. So, no more short books! Long books, hopefully two months apart. I can’t wait!

For now, allow me to introduce to your reading list for the rest of the year!

My books have always been a little weird, but Everbight is a “New Weird” novel. New Weird is a genre that grew out of Weird Fiction, the kind HP Lovecraft wrote. Robin Anne Reid once described the genre as fictions that “subvert cliches of the fantastic in order to put them to discomfiting, rather than consoling ends.” It’s a mixture of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror with a dash of ethics and a pinch of “wtf?!”. In short: it’s my favorite genre and while Everbight is nowhere near done, I’m in love with it already. And yes, there is some lady loving in there, but it’s not the main focus. Sorry! 😉

“Ever since the Surge, life in Everbight has been different. Aesling—animals imbued with human levels of intelligence—have claimed large sections of the city as their own and the call for more rights and privileges for humans has increased with every generation. Tensions between predatory aesling and prey aesling worsen as the city runs out of place to house them apart from each other. Humaens, descendants of the humans caught in the blast radius of the Surge, hide their powers for fear of retaliation, although there are factions eager for a new Surge and the power it might bring.

Maya has made it her mission in life to stay away from all of Everbight’s politics. She has a small apartment, a job, and she doesn’t need anything or anyone else. That is, until a ghost from her past lets himself into her home and turns her life upside-down. While trying to keep Clem from being assassinated by an aeslthing dagger, she becomes entangled in not only the terrorist plans of the Human Superiority Alliance, but stumbles into the middle of a brewing aesling civil war. Things become much more complicated when an enigmatic stranger discovers that Maya is humaen like her and the key to opening the portal between Everbight and great power.

Can Maya defuse the brewing storm within Everbight’s walls and keep alive the people she comes to love? One thing is certain: Everbight and Maya’s life will never be the same.”

Tentative publication date: October 14th.


Earthward Bound is a straight-up Science Fiction story with a heavy (for me) romantic storyline. Rejoice, lesfic lovers! It’s light Sci-Fi, though. Romance in space. I think you’re going to like Dev and Alicia a great deal!

“If you ask any indentured worker on space station Delphi what their birth debt is, they’ll be able to tell you down to the credit. For Dev it’s 1,526,921, and at twenty-nine, she has no hope of paying it off. The life expectancy of a drifter like her—a specialized worker who braves outer space in nothing but a bubble, tethered to Delphi—is thirty, and most don’t even hit that.

When another life-or-death scare drills home how hopeless her situation is, Dev starts to plan her escape to Earth, the paradise where her ancestors originated. All she needs to pull it off is an excellent mechanical engineer, whom she finds in the form of grungy and grumpy Alicia.

Alicia doesn’t believe in the myth of Earth, but her life expectancy isn’t much better than Dev’s, so what does she have to lose? The two agree to team up for a daring escape and set their sights Earthward Bound.”

Tentative publication date: December 14th.