In January, I’m officially launching my publishing house, Eos Publishing. Eos Publishing is an independent publishing house with two missions: to publish the very best in women-fronted fiction, and to make it easy for our authors to do so.

Our focus is on stories about women, a term we define as “any character who identifies as such.” Biological gender has nothing to do with that.

We are looking for female-oriented manuscripts in any genre that are 40,000 words and over. They can be written by anyone of any gender, ethnicity, religion or background etc. Manuscripts around 80,000 words are preferred. We are specifically looking for adventure stories where our heroines can truly shine. Our stories celebrate diversity in gender, sexuality, social class, religion, age, and everything else. Niche gets bonus points if handled correctly.

By selling your to-be-published book during a forty day flexible IndieGoGo campaign, you can fund the publishing process. We ask you to crowdfund $ 250 for every 10,000 words in your manuscript. You are free to invest your own money in order to lower the crowd funding amount at any time during the campaign, but we’ll never ask you for it. We also publish your book if you don’t hit your full goal. You only have to get there two thirds of the way. Once you reach that point, we’ll wrap up the editing and it’s off to a slew of stores. Whatever remains of your original goal, we’ll chip away at out of the sales of the book.

Once the publishing cost goal is paid in full, all further profits go to you, except for $0.25 cents out of every sale you make, be it an e-book or a print version. We use this to fund our marketing for your book and pay the administrative costs to manage your payments with it. You’ll get a pay-out every month, along with an overview of your sales.

We are very transparent in how we fund your book, where the money goes, and what you get for it. We offer our authors a means to publish a high-quality, well-marketed, perfectly edited book with a professionally made cover, and attractive inlay, in exchange for a modest sum. If this is something that interests you, have a look at our website, read about our methods, and see what you get if we choose to publish your book.

We look forward to hearing from you!