Centralia, 2013

“While I enjoyed all the stories, I do have favorites. This year, Centralia, 2013 by May Dawney, Still Life by Jess Lea, and The Crocodile Eye by Gill McKnight pulled me into their worlds and shook me up. But all stories were well-written, well-thought through, well-done.”

Corikane – review – October 22, 2015


The Road Home

“Good and sexy.”

Amelia Faith – Goodreads review – November 10, 2016


“Have you ever seen that Steven Spielberg directed ‘Duel’ tv film (well it was intended for tv, I think, might have gotten a theater release)? This story is nothing like that (I should do this with all my reviews (you know the ‘Hobbit’? this is nothing like that – hehe). At least in the sense that the weather was down right nice in that film. And the ‘events’ that unfolded were much longer than the events that unfolded here. In the sense of two cars chasing each other in a life and death like struggle? Yeah, similar. Though it’s pouring rain in this story, and not everyone involved in the struggle might realize . . . things.

Depending on whether or not someone has to be 21 to serve alcohol, this story involves two young women around the age of 20 or 21 who end up near each other in an unexpected way. Which leads to a pulse-pounding encounter. Actually, more than one encounter.

Quite thrilling. Exciting. Good story.
Rating: 4.95”

Lexxi Kitty – Goodreads review – November 2, 2016


Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

“A HOT Phone sex scene with a romantic ending.”

Amelia Faith – Goodreads review –¬†August 22, 2016