A tale full of romance, betrayal, and tragedy, inspired by classic fairy tales. Fans of Girls Made of Snow and GlassPrincess of Dorsa, and the cult TV Show Once Upon a Time will love this gripping lgbt fantasy story.


Marcela, her mother tells her, doesn’t know how good she has it. Of noble birth, wealthy, and all but guaranteed a life of luxury, Marcela has only to learn how a real lady behaves — but that proves to be more difficult than it sounds. Chastised again and again, Marcela spends whole days locked in the cellar, going without food and shrouded in darkness. There, she dreams of the faraway lands of her father’s stories and wonders about her mother’s grim and mysterious past.

When the queen dies, all the noble families of the kingdom flock to attend a ball thrown to honor the king’s search for a new wife. There, Marcela finds herself seduced by a duchess’s daughter in-law and attracts the devoted attention of Princess Primrose, who Marcela rescues from the dark, fae woods beyond the manor and who now wants Marcela for a mother.

But those woods hide worse things than beasts. The faeries whisper in Marcela’s ears, and as she grows closer to the crown and further from her abusive mother, she discovers power beyond anything she’d ever dreamed of. And power, Marcela soon learns, will always corrupt.

For fans of fantasy epics and fairy tales… with a taste of lgbt romance!

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Lola was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about her recent release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
I wanted to write a difficult book in which the main character becomes a villain. I wanted to write a “descent into madness” where circumstances are important but they are not everything. I wanted to explore the agency and process of a woman who is sweet and kind and could stay that way, but instead doesn’t because she’s so stuck in the trauma of her childhood.

I think, first of all, that I wanted a character who went bad for real, who did bad things that made the reader question whether redepmtion was possible, a character that the reader could understand, could follow in her path towards madness, and still find reprehensible; a villain that one can understand but that is ultimately a villain.
Also, I wanted to show that trauma and abuse are not easy to put behind, and that bitterness and anger don’t just go away and can, in fact, taint everything else. It’s not the happiest thing thematically, but I wanted a complex, sometimes difficult love main character that gets stuck inside her own head and doesn’t necessarily make the best choices, but feels good because even terrible choices are her own and belong to her.

What do you like best about it?
The relationship between the main character and the “antagonist”, because it’s a difficult family relationship between two girls that grow up together but have different lives at the same time. There are love affairs and other relationships in the book, but the emotional gravitas comes from these two, and it’s painful precisely because it’s not a clear-cut or black and white situation. I wanted to see the main character struggle with refusing to love someone she does, in fact, love very much, and play around with the idea of pride and bitterness within love. They’re my favorite thing ever.

Can you tell the readers something about A Queen Rises that they might not know just from reading the book?
The main character of the book is based on Latino and Spanish culture (I say based, because it’s fantasy), and has a fixation with food, in how she relates to it and her body, how she understands the concept of family when she sits to eat with someone around a table, and how it helps her relate to her heritage, even if she has never met the Latino-inspired side of the family. If you look closely at all the food described in the book, you’ll find the basics of a Latin American and Spanish cookbook. Look out for my personal favorite Peruvian, Puerto Rican and Spanish dishes.

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
A fairytale gone dark with interesting and complex female characters, bisexual and lesbian romance and emotional angst.


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Lola Andrews

Lola Andrews

Lola Andrews is part-writer, full-time IT Consultant and out-of-the-closet-nerd. She grew up between Spain and Venezuela, and continues making use of her multicultural upbringing to seem more interesting in conversation. She studied engineering and later worked putting a bunch of numbers in Excel SpreadSheets. Lola Andrews loves books, wine and chocolate. She will discuss David Lynch and Disney princesses for hours. She writes and blogs about awesome queer ladies.

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