For some, the world would end with the dropping of the bombs. For others, a select few, it would present an opportunity to show their true mettle. Those who will take on the challenge to live without, make do, and subsist on, are the survivors.

Jodi was one of the few. She knew what was coming. She read the signs, and she had friends in low places who kept her informed. She bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere, fixed it up, and warned her closest friends and family that the time would come to abandon the big cities, to hide and seclude yourself for the safety of your family and everyone closest to you.

Krista was her partner, her best friend, and her wife at a time when states didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Krista coped with her mate’s compulsions by recognizing that indulging her was the best way to maintain a harmonious union. After all, they could afford it. Little did she realize that Jodi was destined to be the savior of them all.

Finding that things were much worse than everyone had speculated didn’t surprise Jodi. But it would forever alter her family’s world view and transform them into something they hadn’t realized they were destined to become…SURVIVORS!

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I had the good fortune to ask K’Anne a couple of questions about her recent release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
I started it in 2011, put it down for a while.  Added to it as I found information or wanted to re-read it.  I finished it last fall as a kind of catharsis to what is going on this world, especially the USA because it feels so horrific, possible, and I wanted to get out of the funk and depression I had from the election.

What do you like best about it?
How real it felt, how possible…and yet, how terrible the possibility.

Can you tell the readers something about Survivors that they might not know just from reading the book?
Most of the characters were based on actual people, especially the ones you won’t like…they are REAL…the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
It’s so appropriate to what could happen in this day and age.  It makes you question so much of what would you do?  Are you prepared?


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K’Anne Meinel

K’Anne Meinel

K’Anne Meinel is a fiction bestselling author with more than 94 published works including shorts, novellas, and novels. She is an American author born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Oconomowoc. Upon early graduation from high school she went to a private college in Milwaukee and then moved to California for seventeen years before returning to the state. Many of her stories have Wisconsin in them as settings for her wonderful, realistic, and detailed backgrounds. Called the Danielle Steel of her time, K’Anne continues to write interesting stories in a variety of genres in both the lesbian and mainstream fiction categories. Her website is K’Anne is also the publisher and owner of Shadoe Publishing and in December 2017 she started the Lesfic Bard Awards at

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