As the first Alsean to serve aboard a Protectorate warship, Rahel Sayana thought her empathic sense would be an advantage. She never imagined it could be a weakness.

Captain Ekatya Serrado has her hands full with a new empathic officer, an attempted murder, and a missing cargo ship. Finding the lost ship only adds to her problems: its crew lies dead amid signs of alien predators. When those signs appear on her own ship, she must find a solution or face a similar fate.

The clock is ticking, but Ekatya has a resource she never had before. Rahel’s weakness is also her strength, and she will stand between danger and those who need her—no matter the risk.

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Fletcher had this to say about her latest book!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
After finishing the story of Rahel Sayana in Outcaste, I said to myself “Okay, done” and began writing the next book in the Chronicles of Alsea series, which deals with different characters and wraps up a bunch of threads that have been woven through the whole series. Then I got to the part where Rahel makes a guest appearance, and thought, “Waitaminit. There’s a story missing here. What happened to Rahel between the end of Outcaste and this point?”

So I did what I suspect many authors do: wrote two novels at once. And one of them was a self-contained “bottle story” of Rahel’s first patrol on the warship Phoenix, which involved culture clashes, misunderstandings, deep character exploration, some hilarity, and some truly awesome aliens. (I love my aliens.)

I took characters who would all be social outcasts for different reasons and showed how love dissolves all barriers. #EmbraceDesigner.   

What do you like best about it?
Did I mention that I love my aliens?

Can you tell the readers something about Resilience that they might not know just from reading the book?
The weirdest bit of research I did for Resilience was determining what a viewer would see if they were looking closely at someone whose throat was torn out. There were quite a few emails back and forth with my medical consultant, who sent me anatomical diagrams with nicely colored veins and arteries. She also kindly kept me from embarrassing myself by mistaking the esophagus for the trachea.

The second weirdest bit of research had to do with internal organs and the femoral artery…
But the most enjoyable bit for me was the chance to throw my biology background into high gear, and invent an alien that is actually a combination of several real-life creatures right here in our own oceans.
In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
Totally immersive world-building, adventure, fun, FIVE kickass women, top-notch writing. (Hyphenated words only count as one, right?)

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Fletcher Delancey

Fletcher Delancey

Fletcher DeLancey is an Oregon expatriate who left her beloved state when she met a Portuguese woman and had to choose between home and heart. She chose heart. Now she lives in the sunny Algarve, learning the birds and plants and trying every Portuguese dish she can get her hands on. (There are many. It’s going to take a while.)
She is best known for her science fiction/fantasy series Chronicles of Alsea, which has so far collected an Independent Publisher’s Award (2017 bronze medal), a Golden Crown Literary Society Award, a Rainbow Award, and been shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award.
Fletcher believes that women need far more representation in science fiction and fantasy, and takes great pleasure in writing complex tales with strong, believable women heading up the action. Her day is made every time another reader says, “I didn’t think I liked science fiction, but then I read yours.”

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