In the literary world, she was flamboyant, sexy-as-hell Darcy Lake wildly successful lesbian author. In the real world she was…well, she was something else entirely.
Jules Divine had nursed a crush on lesbian author Darcy Lake from the first moment she saw the author’s photo. Beautiful, charismatic and elusive, Lake was adored by millions, but known by few. Was she what she appeared to be or a promoter’s ultimate well-crafted success.
Jules weaves her way through the maze of the ruthless literary world to uncover murders and liars. Her life would never be the same after spending a weekend with Darcy Lake.


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I had the good fortune to ask Erin a couple of questions about her recent release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
I wanted to write Living Two Lives because I think it is interesting how people aren’t always what they appear to be. One of my favorite lines from the TV series “Once Upon a Time” is “Evil can be beautiful.”

What do you like best about it?
The thing I like best about this book is the way the various character interact with one another. I Like Tanner’s crush on Jules and Jules’s crush on Darcy and how that plays out.

Can you tell the readers something about Living Two Lives that they might not know just from reading the book?
Look out for the most sanctimonious characters.

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
This book has it all, romance, suspense, murder, and deceit.


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Erin Wade

Erin Wade

With a degree in accounting, I set out to conquer my quiet little corner of the world.
I planned to work for a major accounting firm and live a comfortable life.
One never knows where fate will lead. While in college I discovered I liked taking chances and started acquiring small parcels of land to resale. Within a year, I found myself immersed in the fun of land brokering. My native state, Texas, is a wide-open community of wonderful people and vast amounts of land. Opportunities in Texas are limitless. Texas and the fact that I am a workaholic were the perfect recipes for success.
I have visited every state in the U.S. and lived in some, but Texas is always the one that calls me home. I thought I had the world by the tail. Life was good. Then I met a woman and life was no longer good, it was amazing.
Now my life is an adventure of love and laughter. My wife encouraged me to begin writing. I have five #1 Best Sellers to my credit and hope Living Two Lives will make six.

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