Can love’s promise be kept?

Ali and Susan Jenkins have it all. Their life together is mapped out on a one-way path to happiness, that is until Susan is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Ali refuses to accept it – her world is shattered.

Susan’s last act of love is to make her wife promise that one day she will open her heart again and let somebody else love her.
But will Ali keep her promise?


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I had the good fortune to ask Claire a couple of questions about her recent release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?
The idea stems from my parents. My dad died of Cancer when he was 49 and my Mum never got over it. So, I wanted to show that maybe a different path could be taken. That loss doesn’t always mean you can never love again.

What do you like best about it?
That Ali never forgets Susan. She doesn’t become someone from her past. She is always with her and is carried into her new life.

Can you tell the readers something about The Promise that they might not know just from reading the book?
“There is a memory that Ali has of Susan, where they are at the theatre and Ali is all hot under the collar because she is sitting next to a famous actress: Shelly Hamlin, who is a main character in my Cam Thomas Series.”

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?
It’s gonna hit your feels and leave a mark!


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Claire Highton-Stevenson

Claire Highton-Stevenson

Claire Highton-Stevenson has previously published two books in the Cam Thomas Serial. OUT and NEXT. She lives in Sussex with her wife, two cats and two dogs. Claire is an avid Liverpool FC fan and is often found out and about with her camera. An active member of social media. You can get in contact via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by following ItsClaStevOffical.

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