Bee Taylor has been living the good life as a movie director/producer complete with shallow actresses who fall all over her, but lately she’s been feeling run down.

When her old best friend calls her to come home to help deal with a family emergency, she uses it as a perfect way to get away from the life she thought she wanted, even though it means she has to face her bigoted family – and the girl she left behind.

Unbeknownst to her, her new life follows behind, and she has to make a choice – the bright lights or the love of the woman she thought she would never have.

A short, sexy read perfect for the weekend.

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Adan was kind enough to answer a few questions about her recent release!

Why did you want to write this book, specifically?

I wrote this book because my readers asked for it over and over. It was based on a short story I wrote called Lines Blur.

What do you like best about it?

My favorite part about it is when the two women are going through memorabilia from their childhood.

Can you tell the readers something about Her Sequel that they might not know just from reading the book?

The first scene in this book harkens back to my time as a horror fan and writer, though the book itself is a dramatic, steamy romance.

In ten words or less, tell us why we should buy this book?

It’s a second-chance romance filled with sexy drama.

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Adan Ramie

Adan Ramie

Adan Ramie is a multi-genre author whose books are centered around strong women who love other women. You can find her online at

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