The Eschaton Series [Released from August 2019 onward]

The world ended three years ago, when God invoked the End of Days. The skies are perpetually overcast, crops grow slow and meager, and the rain is acidic. The demon-infested bodies of the risen roam the streets, hungry for a kill. What remains of humanity has clustered together in underground or domed shelters in the hopes of etching out a living.

For Aella—self-named after the double-edged sword wielding badass amazon from Greek mythology—there is only one way to ensure her survival in the remnants of Detroit: the Gladiator Fights. It’s a high-risk profession to slaughter “Risen” for entertainment, but someone has to do it. That is, until God offers the remainder of humanity another chance to go to heaven: Find Eden.

With a rag-tag band of friends and enemies, Aella decides to brave the outside world and the dangers that boasts. Will she be able to find heaven? And if she does, will she be allowed in after all she has done to stay alive?

[Book One: End of Days, August 2019 | Book Two: Second Coming, September 2019 | Book Three: Eden Prime, December 2019]


The Veil Chronicles [Released from March 2020 onward]

Maddie Rivers has experienced black-outs, awoken in strange places, and talked to strange people. She’s starting to doubt her sanity when a mysterious woman named Alena Sanna appears on her doorstep. She tells Maddie that magic is real and she is part of that hidden world. Maddie doesn’t believe her, but mounting evidence is making her second guess herself. The world beyond the veil is revealed to her and her life is turned up-side-down. She soon realizes that there is a lot more to it than Alena told her.

[Book One: A Touch of Death, March 2020 | Book Two: Divided Loyalties, August 2020 | Book Three: Wild Magic, September 2020]