Ever since the Surge, life in Everbight has been different. Aesling—animals imbued with human levels of intelligence—have claimed large sections of the city as their own and the call for more rights and privileges for humans has increased with every generation. Tensions between predatory aesling and prey aesling worsen as the city runs out of place to house them apart from each other. Humaens, descendants of the humans caught in the blast radius of the Surge, hide their powers for fear of retaliation, although there are factions eager for a new Surge and the power it might bring.

Maya has made it her mission in life to stay away from all of Everbight’s politics. She has a small apartment, a job, and she doesn’t need anything or anyone else. That is, until a ghost from her past lets himself into her home and turns her life upside-down. While trying to keep Clem from being assassinated by an aeslthing dagger, she becomes entangled in not only the terrorist plans of the Human Superiority Alliance, but stumbles into the middle of a brewing aesling civil war. Things become much more complicated when an enigmatic stranger discovers that Maya is humaen like her and the key to opening the portal between Everbight and great power.

Can Maya defuse the brewing storm within Everbight’s walls and keep alive the people she comes to love? One thing is certain: Everbight and Maya’s life will never be the same.



[Coming October, 2018]