Earthward Bound

If you ask any indentured worker on space station Delphi what their birth debt is, they’ll be able to tell you down to the credit. For Dev it’s 1,526,921, and at twenty-nine, she has no hope of paying it off. The life expectancy of a drifter like her—a specialized worker who braves outer space in nothing but a bubble, tethered to Delphi—is thirty, and most don’t even hit that.

When another life-or-death scare drills home how hopeless her situation is, Dev starts to plan her escape to Earth, the paradise where her ancestors originated. All she needs to pull it off is an excellent mechanical engineer, whom she finds in the form of grungy and grumpy Alicia.

Alicia doesn’t believe in the myth of Earth, but her life expectancy isn’t much better than Dev’s, so what does she have to lose? The two agree to team up for a daring escape and set their sights Earthward Bound.



[Coming August 14, 2018]