Book Features

Jax Meyer - Dal Segno
S D Simper - The Sting of Victory
Beth Burnett - Coming Around Again
TB Markinson - The Hidden One
K'Anne Meinel - Vetted Further
Nico J. Genes - Magnetic Reverie
Barbara Winkes - Cypher
C H Clepitt - My Dream Woman
SW Andersen - This Time
KC Luck - Darkness Remains
Adan Ramie - Her Sequel
CL Cattano - Cyprian the Fair (Salvaggio’s Light – Book 9)
Jenny Frame - Soul of the Pack
Erin Dutton - Landing Zone
K'Anne Meinel - Pioneering
Natasja Hellenthal - Quarterling
Destiny Hawkins - The Dark Bloods
Geonn Cannon - Kennel Club
KC Luck - Darkness Falls
Cari Hunter - Alias
Natalie Debrabandere - Thyra's Promise
Robyn Nyx - Death In Time (Book 3 of the Extractor Trilogy)
Serena J. Bishop - Beards
K'Anne Meinel - Survivors
Annette Mori - The Dream Catcher
Erin Wade - Living Two Lives
Claire Highton-Stevenson - The Promise
KC Luck - Rescue Her Heart