On a dark and stormy night a coven of writers gathers to spellcheck under a hallowed moon. The result is a bubbling cauldron of fear, suspense, and absolute sexiness.

From the ghostly seduction of a Victorian governess, to vampires in the substance abuse clinic, with witchery in the coffee house, and cannibalism in the kitchen, this selection of stories is dark, damning, and terrifyingly erotic.

To be read by candlelight, and never alone!


May Dawney: Centralia, 2013

Rayhana Kincaid has been claimed by an angel–which is remarkably less useful than one might believe. Even with angelic guidance and a good grip on Enochian magic, life is hard for a self-proclaimed occultist and hunter, especially when Rayha has to deal with the most difficult creature of all: her human clientele.

There are only so many cases of demon possession you can go through before you become completely unphased. And yet, there is something about this particular case that has Rayha on edge. Perhaps it’s because Centralia is demon territory. Perhaps it is because her client Aisha is so close to her own age. Whatever it is, it is up to Rayha to save Aisha and prevent the opening of a hell gate in the ever burning tunnels of the former mining town.

Centralia, 2013 is an abridged version of one of the shorts in the upcoming short story collection ‘Rayhana Kincaid – The Angel Files‘.


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